Live Music by JumpStreet

THE PROGRESSIVE COVER BAND ERA is just about overplayed out. The disco revival is spent. The neo-swing thing has done swung. Where do we go from here?

Easy! Throw all the best pieces into a big pot with some funky R & B and boil it on high. The resulting soup is JumpStreet, a great 9-piece band with a dynamic male lead vocalist, three amazing female vocalists, and a rock-solid rhythm section.

From Heinz Stadium to the Harbour Club, this hot new Baltimore band has played every type of venue since forming just a few months ago in mid-2002. A mix of club veterans and fresh faces, JumpStreet's stage presence is palpable, their energy contagious.

Serving up an energetic fusion of funk, R & B, disco, and modern hits, JumpStreet is talented and tight, with a great, full sound.

And, as always, we'll work our break music to complement their sets so that just about every genre of party and dance music will be heard.

JumpStreet is:

Ernest Williams: Lead Guitar
Stanley Smith: Keyboards
John Miles: Bass Guitar
Rodney Dunston: Drums
Greg Byrd: Saxophone
Tracey Anderson: Vocalist
Pamela Coates: Vocalist
Crystal Bozeman: Vocalist
Sherman Hajji Harrison: Band Leader and Lead Vocalist


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