2002 SCP Fedewa New Year's Eve Party

OUR ANNUAL TOUR of the city's finest venues brings us this year to the ornately-restored Willard Inter-Continental Washington, the famed "Residence of Presidents". Host to thousands of stately banquets, the Willard has a 150-year tradition of service and excellence.

We are the ones who not only didn't cancel in 1999 due to Y2K hype. Even last year's post-9/11 fears did not derail us. Neither has the recession. We have not merged our efforts, nor do we advertise on the radio or in print. No; we are a constant. We strike a balance between the mega-parties and the all-couples events.

For an 8.5" x 11" event flyer, click here (poster is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and is approximately 700Kb in size).

Lodging will also be at the hotel. Forget about coat checks and cabs (although both will be available, of course): Just hop on an elevator or walk downstairs to the Ballroom level! Guests in our block are guaranteed to receive the absolute lowest rate.

JumpStreet, a hot new 9-piece party band from Baltimore, will be shaking out a hip mix of classic funk, raw R & B, and modern hits. We specifically don't hire multiple bands for the event because it takes most bands a set to get warmed up and to get the sound mix perfected, and if you keep switching bands, no one gets hot!


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