The Proctor Dougherty Society

IN MAY 1989 the Proctor Dougherty Society (PDS) hosted the first of its famous seasonal "bashes", which remain the group's signature social offering to this day, attracting hundreds of club members and guests. PDS promotes the involvement of young professionals in the life and affairs of the University Club—something very much in the tradition of the Club's formative years. PDS event proceeds benefit various IRS-recognized University Club charities.

The Capital City Countdown marks the third SCP-PDS joint event after our two Cocktails, Cigars, Martini—and Ska! parties at the 16th Street clubhouse. Several SCP hosts are also University Club members, and a number of PDS committee members are also SCP event regulars.

Founded in 1985 as the Young Members Committee, PDS later took on its current name in honor of Proctor L. Dougherty (MIT Class of 1897), the young man who was the organizing force behind the founding of the University Club of Washington and helped organize most of the Club's first social functions.

In 1903, Doughtery was charged by the Washington Society of MIT to investigate forming an independent intercollegiate alumni organization in the national capital. After Dougherty recruited delegates from dozens of alumni clubs, an organizational meeting was held on February 23rd, 1904, at the Willard Hotel. Bylaws and a charter were approved that night, and future U. S. President William Howard Taft became the Club's first president. In just one year's time over 175 colleges and universities were represented.

Dougherty continued to guide and protect the Club until his death in 1966 and served as the Club's 12th president from 1931-1933, during the trying times of Prohibition and the Great Depression.


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