Live Music by The Mustangs Band

IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR this is the band you want on stage. From Al Green to the Bee Gees, from Beyonce to Tony Bennett, the Mustangs are Blues Alley veterans with incredible range, playing hits from over 4 decades of popular music.

Fronted by lead vocalists, David Akers, Skip Mahoney, and the soul diva of the Baltimore-Washington area, Barbara Malone, the Mustangs play it all, raw and real. The vocal corps is backed by three horns and a tight rhythm section pumping out rock, disco, swing, funk, R & B, and sweet soul music—mixed to keep the dance floor hopping! Click here to hear a medley of Mustangs covers.



The Mustangs Band and Show

We specifically don't hire multiple bands for this event because it takes most bands a set just to get warmed up and to get the sound mix perfected, so if you keep switching bands, no one gets hot! If you want to hear multiple bands, you should go to a music festival; time is too limited on New Year's Eve. Our policy is to get the best band for the gig and then let `em do their thing.

As always, our break music is specially geared to complement the band's live sets with good party songs they don't play.


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