About the St. Ann's Infant and Maternity Home

SINCE 1860, St. Ann's Infant and Maternity Home has provided emergency residential placement for abused, abandoned, or neglected infants and children. Founded by three Daughters of Charity, St. Ann's was incorporated by an Act of Congress in 1863 and their original charter was signed by Abraham Lincoln. Today, St. Ann's mission also includes providing day care services and other assistance for pregnant and parenting adolescents.

For a detailed, independently audited profile of St. Ann's at AOL's Helping.org and Guidestar's Network for Good, click here.

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The Social Club of the Potomac is a volunteer-run IRS 501(c)(7) organization and, first and foremost, we try to keep prices to our events as low as possible so that our extended network of friends, alumni, and colleagues can afford to attend. Despite the considerable amount of work that goes into our major events, we have no paid staff and we make no profit off of our event guests.

But we also believe in helping good causes, so this year we will be making a donation of any proceeds above cost to St. Ann's, a certified United Way and Combined Federal Campaign member agency (CFC Ref. No. 8180). A donation will also be made to the University Club Foundation, on behalf of the PDS.

We also encourage readers and guests to contribute their time and energy as a volunteer. And if you wish to a make a direct financial donation of any size to this cause, it would be very welcome and useful, and it would help a lot of people in need.  

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