2003 Capital City Countdown Host Committee

A PARTIAL LISTING of CCC Host Committee members from the SCP and the University Club PDS follows. Check back for additions, updates and revisions. Click here to send a general message.

Pamela Allen Patricia Dailey Lowe
Dave Asiello Sander Mueller
John Brasse Siobhan Mueller
John Fedewa Joe Reblando
Kirsten Fedewa Melissa Sabatine
Will Gustafson Daniel Sheehan
James Holl Patrick Sims
Lyle Kimms Virginia Stevenson
Suzanne Lewis Mike Tiddy
Tim Barnes Giuliana Klesius Suzanne Seipel
Jennifer Farley Mike Klesius Mary Sexton
Eric Fedewa Steve Lowe Christine Spaulding
Ritika Fedewa Mark Maxwell B. J. Sullivan
James Head B. R. McConnon Karla Tejada
Claudia Hrvatin Erin Powell Henry Thaggart
Catherine Kane John Romano Tom Walker
Ted Kral Robin Scullin Elizabeth Whitaker

A special donation from each sale under B. R. McConnon's name will be made to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


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