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Events in the Washington Area

University Row at the Virginia Gold Cup: The party within the party since 1999. University Row is the biggest Gold Cup gathering ever! Now organized by the Alumni Events Alliance, this event features round trip bus transportation and common terrace and rail areas behind all member tents.

Virginia Tech Alumni Chilifest: This is a great annual event for Hokies and non-Hokies alike!




Hands on DC is an all-volunteer project that creates better schools and brighter futures for students in the District of Columbia.

Arlington Historical Society

Virginia Historical Society

Potomac Conservancy

NetworkForGood.org is a huge portal for non-profits that you can use to find volunteer opportunities by Zip Code, make donations to causes you support, or to speak out on philanthropic issues.

Greater DC Cares is a volunteer organization with a bent toward socializing.

Want to sharpen your public speaking abilities? Most of us have plenty of room for improvement in that area. Check out the Capital Alumni Toastmasters!

Help pets get new owners with MetroPets Online! "Promotes the adoption of homeless animals and the well-being of companion animals in the DC Metropolitan area through the smart use of technology."

The Donor's Guide to the Charitable Universe

American Institute of Philanthropy Watchdog Website

Capital Alumni Network

University Club of Washington, DC


Ways to Help 9/11 Victims and Their Families

to the NYC Firefighter's Fund to help the families of hundreds of fire and rescue personnel who fell saving others.

Make a donation to the American Red Cross via secure connection at Yahoo. Also contains links and latest information about becoming a blood or tissue donor.

Give to the Salvation Army.

Civic Information


USAF-approved versions of military music

More USAF patriotic music

Flag etiquette 


History of the New Year's Holiday 

More on the New Year's Holiday 


Online Bartender: Webtender 

World Executive Guide to DC Hotels and Sites

Virtual Fortune Cookie

Turo Tailor Formalwear Reference Table

History of the Tuxedo

Washington Post Article on Black Tie Fashion

Washington Post "Portrait of a City" Photographic Essay

The Washington Post Century


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