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SCP Reminder List 1999 Home Page: Archive: Message #38

Date: Dec 29 1999 00:32:48 EST
From: "John Fedewa" <70904-SCP@spamex.com>
Subject: 1/1: Velveteens to Play First Party of 2000!


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 CONTENTS:  Velveteens to Play at First Party of 2000! (1/1)
            SCP New Year's Eve Party at Union Station (12/31)


 What? Ska at an Irish bar? Y-E-S! Join us at the Dubliner, mon, for
 a little Ska, Irish beer, Irish whiskey, plenty of food, hearsay, and
 TVs with football playing from 3:00 to 10:00pm New Year's Day!

 While others are scaling back and cancelling their events this year
 we are adding to and e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g our eclectic schedule of New
 Year's weekend happenings!

 Revelers from other parties are welcome to join in alongside all
 those who made it to our own blowout at Union Station. And, for you
 who chose to do nothing or waited too long to get a ticket to do
 ANYTHING, this will be your f-i-r-s-t opportunity to ease your cabin
 fever and start the New Year off right!

 The Velveteens are the latest great act from the fertile musical soil
 of Williamsburg, Virginia, and the College of William and Mary. In
 little under a year since relocating to the Nation's Capital the band
 has managed to get themselves a backlog of gigs and are already a
 staple at several of the area's most popular venues.

 Ten pieces strong, the Velveteens are led by the frenetic Wilson
 Rickerson (vocals, jokes, satanic dance moves). Ben Miller plays lead
 guitar alongside band members Julie Cleveland (keyboard, flute), Todd
 Stevens (bass), Blake Surbey (drums), Timothy Shaw (trumpet), Matt
 Larsen (trombone), T.J. Walls (trombone), Ryan Perry (baritone
 saxophone, tenor saxophone), and Martha Koch (alto saxophone). See
 band member bios at http://www.thevelveteens.com/bios.html.

 The Velveteens are more than a band---they're a show and they know
 how to work a crowd. Catch them this Saturday at the Dubliner from
 about 4:00pm until about 6:00pm and see for yourself!

 For more on the local ska scene and the Velveteens see the online
 review at http://dcpages.com/Music/Bands/Ska/.

 Just downstairs from our block of rooms at the Phoenix Park Hotel
 (see http://www.scp.org/hotel99.html), the Dubliner was established
 in 1974 and is a Washington institution in a city where bars come
 and go with the latest fads.

 Over the years, the Dubliner has expanded to become a hub of Irish
 hospitality in America, welcoming guests who recognize that, in the
 words of the great Irish statesman Daniel O'Connell,

     "The hospitality of an Irishman springs---like all of
      his qualities, his faults, and his virtues---directly
      from his heart."

 For a review of the Dubliner, see the Washington Post Website at

 The Dubliner is located at 520 North Capitol Street NW, Washington,
 DC 20001. For directions, call the Dubliner at 1 (202) 638-6900. For
 a map, see http://yp.washingtonpost.com/E/V/WASDC/0020/22/29/2.html.

 For those staying at the hotel or nearby, breakfast is served at the
 Dubliner from 7:00am to 10:30am, and drinks are available from the
 bar after 11:00am. Try Old Dubliner Amber Ale---an SCP favorite!

 A brunch menu will be offered from 11:00am to 6:00pm.

 Starting at 9:00pm Andy Driscoll will perform traditional Irish
 music, from soulful ballads to rousing sing-alongs.

 For more on the Dubliner, visit their Washington Post Yellow Pages
 site at http://yp.washingtonpost.com/E/V/WASDC/0020/22/29/1.html.



 Please check our Website at http://www.scp.org for information about
 our New Year's Eve 1999 charity ball featuring Gonzo's Nose.

 Please be advised that absolutely not tickets will not be sold at
 the door. Any persons arriving without a ticket will be escorted
 from the facility by Union Station security personnel. Tickets may
 be checked against SCP lists. Guests should be prepared to present
 valid picture identification.

 To reach the Social Club of the Potomac, call 1 (703) XXX-XXXX or
 send an e-mail to 70904-SCP@spamex.com. Please allow one or two days for
 a response.

 Formed to promote community events, the SCP is a 501(c)(7) non-
 profit, non-stock Virginia corporation, and event proceeds benefit
 charity. Past SCP events have been held at Rock Bottom Ballston, the
 Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, McLean Gardens, Mike Bakers, Hotel
 Washington, Starboard (Dewey Beach), Thompsons Boat House, Rhodeside
 Grill, Music City Roadhouse, King Pepper, Tortilla Coast, Head's,
 Clarendon Grill, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Sequoia,
 and America at Union Station.

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